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From its humble beginnings as a trade school to a renowned high school with outstanding graduates represented in every professional field, Kingston Technical High School (KTHS) has grown with the time. KTHS has had an illustrious list of graduates who have served with great distinction not only in Jamaica but also in other parts of the world. The list below is merely a sample of some of the distinguished graduates of the school. The list gives examples of the excellence of those who bring pride to the memory of the school. They have made excellent contributions in many fields of human endeavour. 

  • Roderick Rainford
  • Bert Mitchell
  • Compton Rodney
  • Barbara Rose 
  • Lanny Reynolds
  • Robert Franklyn
  • Noel Harriott
  • Bertram Hill 
  • Junior Lincoln
  • Ione Senior 
  • Lorna Stanley
  • Alton Telfer 
  • York Page Y.P. Seaton
  • Owen Shakespeare 
  • Hector Sinclair
  • Clarence Wallace
  • Milton Weise
  • Neville Saddler
  • Robert Gregory 
  • Aston Preston
  • Daphne Comrie –Principal(KTHS)
  • Justice Henderson Downer, Judge of the Court of Appeal 
  • Ashton Wright –Contractor Gen/Diplomat
  • Janice Holness
  • Ashton G. Wright
  • Rudolph Green –Major General, JDF
  • Maurice Kerpens-Lee
  • Easton Douglas – MP, Minister
  • Fitzarthur Jackson- MP, Minister
  • Mutabaruka
  • Eric Coverley –Drama
  • Jimmy Cliff- Actor and Singer
  • Erica Brown – Drama
  • “Sunny” Bradshaw –Music, Jazz Band Leader
  • Ranny Williams – Actor
  • Danny Roberts
  • June Francis
  • Dr. Farel Anderson, Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. Susanne Scott-Thompson