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Vision of the Guidance Department

The vision of the Guidance Department at the Kingston Technical High School is geared towards developing the student holistically by empowering them to be able to make well-versed choices and decisions, appreciate who they are by knowing their capabilities and limitations, seeing themselves as extraordinary and exceptional persons who are made in the likeness of God and persons who will make constructive contribution to society.

Mission of the Guidance Department

The Kingston Technical Guidance and Counselling Department seek to make this vision a reality through its mission which is: To contribute to the total development of students, parents and staff through the provision of a rounded secondary education and socialization, for productive citizenship involving all stakeholders modeling, motivating and  enthusiastically using resources efficiently. The guidance department believes that every child can be helped and become a well rounded citizen through positive intervention which builds self esteem and confidence.  This will allow students to become more productive individuals while contributing to a changing society. The department will provide comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling which is vital in the achievement of excellence. 

Services offered by the Department 

  • Counsellingindividual counselling, group counselling, family counselling and career counselling (depending on the nature of the cases external referrals are made). 
  • Guidance Classes
  • Scholarship Programme
  • Welfare Programme
  • Peer Counsellor Club
  • KTHS Social Outreach Club
  • Mentorship Porgramme
  • Community Services
  • Seminars and Fairs
  • Teen Mom Support Group

Important Dates on the Department Calendar

September – March

Grade 11 Readiness Programme (College symposium/talk series)


Breast Cancer Awareness Week


Parents Seminar

Substance Awareness Week

Mr. & Miss KTHS Talent and Personality Competition


Sex Education Week and World AIDS Day


Gender Empowerment (Boy’s/Girl’s Day)


Community Service Commence – Third Form


Student Appreciation Day