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Arthur John Pinnock

Arthur John Pinnock (class of 1980), is one of our past students that has made us very proud. Mr. Pinnock joined the KT teaching family in August of 1996 as a part time teacher in the evening division, tutoring Digital Electronics to adult learners from various industries including JPS and the Jamaica Telephone Company and managed to guide that group to an unprecedented 100% pass in their external exams. Not being a trained teacher, and in order to retain his expertise, he was offered a full time job as the Electronics Lab Assistant by then principal, Ms. Daphne Comrie, when that position became vacant.


Mr. Pinnock, working alongside Mr. Trevor Garrick (the teacher of Electronics then) and was instrumental in modernizing the Electronics Lab with donations from Energy Concept, Inc. in the USA, and has managed to keep it as one of the best kept labs to date. Mr. Pinnock also developed an Appliance Serving course, now defunct, to provide a quick-cash skill as an elective for upper school students who showed interest in learning the skill. Since then, he has served in many capacities: 


What was the inspiration behind your career choice?

“I am overwhelmed with emotions and get a feeling of accomplishment when my students succeed or display positive life changes due to my personal influence or from modeling my lifestyle, hence, I developed a profound love for the craft of teaching.”

To remain in the system, he embarked on becoming qualified in the field and immediately set out to acquire the Diploma (TVET) in Electrical Technology from the VTDI. To date Mr. Pinnock has successfully pursued Bachelors and Masters Degrees in various disciplines and is currently engaged in doctoral studies.


Did you know?

Prior to his stewardship at KT, Mr. Pinnock served a number of years in the industry at various levels. He also served as a Marine Officer in charge of Navigation. Unfortunately, Mr. Pinnock is a divorcee. He however fathers two children, one of whom is a university student. He is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian as well as a Justice of the Peace.

He enjoys traveling, classical and soothing jazz music and likes art (paints of nature). He is also a modest collector of relics and currencies. Mr. Pinnock was also an excellent dancer, and during the emergence of the Disco age (late 70’s to early 80’s) he was a member of a dance group that was featured on the JBC TV programme, “Where It’s At”. He resides in the cool hills of Gordon Town in St. Andrew and enjoys being close to nature.


Teaching Style

He believes that every concept must be brought to life in order to deepen and solidify understanding. Hence, he models Jesus’ way of teaching; i.e. linking concepts to students’ own experiences and situations. He therefore makes an effort to know his students well. 


Inquiry-based/Socratic Method of Instruction:

He likes to pose thought-provoking questions, which inspire students to think for themselves, analyse critically and become more independent learners.



  1. Every event in life is a learning experience. 
  2. The act of teaching is a mode of learning.
  3. A teacher who ceases to develop his personal capacity and move with the times has retired into extinction.


What others say…

Some said he was too strict and doesn’t give second chances after an infraction, because the handbook and warning were the first chance. Others say he doesn’t smile. However, students, past and present, have testified that he has been a mentor and a father to them, has offered spiritual and career guidance, and has assisted them in tangible and other selfless ways.


In his words…

Mr. Pinnock says he loves his job, most of the times, and he loves his school. He however admits that he is not blameless, but strives each day to make his tomorrow better than his yesterday.

Sashanna Blair-Clarke

Mrs. Sashanna Blair-Clarke, a graduate of the Kingston Technical High School Class of 2009, served in the capacity of Form Captain and Student Council President during her tenure. She now continues her journey as a teacher for over 5 years at her alma mater where she teaches English Language, English Literature, Reading Skills Development and Communication Studies to sixth formers. Mrs. Blair-Clarke has served as Acting Career Advancement Programme (CAP) Coordinator, and she is currently serving as the Sixth Form CAP Coordinator. She is involved in a number of co-curricular activities including: Planning and organizing the lower school Language Quiz, one of the coordinators for the Homework Programme for Grade 7, Assistant Treasurer for the PTA, member of the British Social Enterprise Club, sits on the Fundraising and Mr. and Mrs. KTHS Committees and is also House Mistress for Plant House.

She has been awarded: Most Outstanding Grade 8 Form Teacher for 2015-2016,2nd Runner up Teacher of the year in 2016,Most Outstanding Grade 8 Form Teacher in 2017,Teacher of the Year in 2017-2018 and Most Outstanding, Dedicated and Exemplary Female Grade 7 Form Teacher in 2019.It brings her great joy to help to mold the lives of her students, and sharing in their academic and personal successes. Her passion for teaching, bubbling personality and the love she gives create a bond among her, her students and their parents. As she continues to bloom she leads by her philosophy, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.”